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The popularity of Cosplay, Animé and Fan Expos has led to summer workshops and lessons in speciality effect costume production.   With ten-years of experience in the designing and producing costumes in film/video and theatre, in particular specialty effects costumes (masks, millinery, boots and shoes, breakdown (aging), animal heads, helmets, swords, etc.) Nadé is able to share her knowledge and experience in this realm.

Student Work

Photos of participants' production plans and finished products: Mituna Captor helmet, Thor's Hammer, Princess Mononoke mask

Nadé's Work

Production of costume props for Conan the Barbarian television commercial which was never screened as it was deemed too violent

Costume design and production for The Sage, The Dancer and The Fool, written, directed and musical composition by Cree playwright Tomson Highway

Choir Masks for by a play written by Carol Bolt (fiberglass, felt, cotton fabric, acrylic paint)

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